Binary Sun is an online games arcade. All games are made in HTML5, which means they can be played on any device.


Binary Sun was originally setup in 2004 as a shareware games site to sell the games I made as a hobby. However it is really hard to compete in the shareware games market - so I got into web design - and continued making games for fun. You can see the shareware games I made on the Free Games page.

In late 2004 I got a job at - at the time a company that worked exclusively in online games. I worked there for 11 years working my way up the corporate ladder until I became the Director of Web Development. In 2015 I left Miniclip to forge my own path. I now make a living selling WordPress themes on Pro Theme Design.

In 2017 I decided to change Binary Sun into a games arcade. The reason for this is that after 11 years at Miniclip I felt I had some good knowledge and experience in online gaming, and I wanted to do some things differently. To make a games site that was suitable for anyone, and did things differently to all the other arcade sites out there.