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Master of Defense

Use the power of the towers to defend you castle at all costs! Do you have what it takes?

Master Of Defense is a wonderful strategy game that lets you assume the role of a brave hero, who has been chosen to save the ancient kingdom from the hordes of monsters. Should you be up to the challenge, you will be tasked with warding off relentless attacks of monsters and prevent them from capturing the people of your fair city.

game screenshot
game screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnail

  • 6 wonderfully-crafted locations to explore!
  • 2 game modes, Classic and Survival!
  • 180 raids by evil monsters
  • 4 different towers, plus fire and supply balloons
  • Online highscores table

System Requirements

750Mhz Intel or AMD processor - Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP - DirectX 7.0 or newer - Direct3D compatible video chipset

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