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Gun Wing

Blast away at the evil alien nasties in this fast and frantic space shoot'em up.

Shoot the night away in Gun Wing! Lightning reflexes are needed to protect your homeland and save humanity.

Try to stop the alien ships from taking over the world in an epic journey through space. Use the power of the Gun Wing to defeat the enemies and bring peace to the land once more.

game screenshot
game screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnail

  • All 50 levels available in 4 difficulty modes
  • Ultra challenging Onslaught mode
  • Ideal for children of ALL ages
  • Individual profiles so everybody can have ther own game saves and hi scores.

System Requirements

700Mhz Intel or AMD processor - Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP - DirectX 7.0 or newer - Direct3D compatible video chipset

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