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DR Germ

Dr.Germ is looking for a new assistant! Are you up to the task?

Experiment with germeology in 4 separate game types to earn science awards. Work your way up the medical ladder and take your place beside Dr.Germ as one of the greatest germeologists of all time!

game screenshot
game screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnail

  • 4 Game Modes with Unlimited play time and no more nag screens!
  • Boss coming? Hit 'B' and be back to work in seconds!
  • Compete against players worldwide with the online Hi Scores
  • Instant game download, no waiting

System Requirements

400Mhz Intel or AMD processor - Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP - DirectX 7.0 or newer - Direct3D compatible video chipset

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