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Bubble Bomb

Match the colours to pop the bubbles in this fast paced puzzle game

A highly addictive puzzle game made in the spirit of Bubblet. Bubble Bomb adds the extra element of bombs, which you can earn to help you along your way. Bombs clear troublesome bubbles off the playing field and let you apply some strategy to the game, they can either be used to get you out of trouble or to get you into a position for the really big scores! Either way - if you liked Bubblet, then Bubble Bomb is the game for you!

game screenshot
game screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnailgame screenshot thumbnail

  • Limitless play time
  • New Bomb element increases the gameplay possibilities
  • Family friendly puzzle mahem

System Requirements

400Mhz Intel or AMD processor - Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP - DirectX 7.0 or newer - Direct3D compatible video chipset

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